Nicolas Lozancic

An essential e-book for any author, for any creator of virtual and augmented reality experiences! Narration is one of the keys to the success of your projects, it is essential to train in it.
A must have.

Antoine Jézéquel

At a time when, like many video directors and producers, I am fumbling and experimenting avout VR, this book has helped me enter into a truly VR-oriented creative way of thinking. This reading saved me time (and I have not seen an equivalent proposal elsewhere for the moment).


A real work to advance in my work as a director and producer in virtual reality. A book to read to build your own reflections and move forward concretely. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced this book will help you. Thank you for this work.

olivia Papini

Very useful and interesting book !
I learnt a lot with Gerard courses and his book for my agency.
I recommend it !
Olivia Papini

Gregory Maubon

It was a real pleasure to write the foreword the 2020 edition of the Gerald's ebook. This work is a perfect way to understand the real spécificity of this new media : immersion! Possibilities are endless ans, as for me, we just beguin to imagine what to do with such a tool. I hope all these tips will be helpful for you, in your amazing journey into this new world.