Writing Immersive Contents

As promised, the 2020 version is finally available online and it is free for the owners of the 2019 version!


New chapters: storytelling and AR narration, VR- storyboard, prototype, multi-scenario!
Last year, I told you that when a new means for expression that is likely to reach the public appears, technology go too fast and new ideas concerning writing, slower, are very recent. I have myself tried to come up with solutions to many of the 360° writing problems, and from analyses to reflections I wrote my second version of my book.


I talk mainly about the writing of immersive media, but also all that help to build a project around the writing during pre-production period: make his storyboard in VR, make his prototype to present his project. However Virtual-Reality is not the only immersive media which draw my attention. This year Augmented-Reality is part of the main tackled topics. 


I don’t presume that I’ll teach you everything about immersive 360° content writing. That’s why this eBook is an essay, with thoughts and suggestions on VR and AR writing. It is the result of a full year of work, testing, and experimenting, both practical and theorical. I bring new ideas and theories to the table, which you’ll be able to use later in your interactive or linear 360° experiences.
After the forewords written in 2019 by Philippe Fuchs, Virtual Reality researcher at the Ecole des Mines in Paris, and Louis Cacciuttolo, CEO of VRrOOm, a VR experiences distribution platform, in this 2020 edition it is Gregory Maubon specialist in Augmented Reality (augmented-relity.com) who signs the forewords. 


On this website, you can buy or read the forewords and excerpts from the book by browsing through the pages with the menu above. "Writing Immersive Contents" available by clicking on "Buy the eBook", was translated by Jay Demazière (2019), Mathilda Fernandez and Muriel Hubert (2020).



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Scheduled for the 2021 update:

- Writing immersive live show

- Fiction and Augmented Reality

part 2